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Help Milkweed Flourish to Save the Monarch Butterflies

Help Milkweed Flourish to Save the Monarch Butterflies

IUCN classifies North American Monarch Butterflies as an endangered species. They are two steps from extinction.Our native milkweed is the only source of food for the Monarch caterpillar (see photos). Without it, our NA Monarchs will become extinct. What can we do?

  • Allow native Milkweed plants to grow (easy to do and the most important)
  • Grow native pollinator plants for adult monarchs; they need the energy to migrate to Mexico
  • Provide a shallow water source that the adults can perch on to get a drink* Maintain organic yards

For more information, https://www.iucn.org/press-release/202207/migratory-monarch-butterfly-now-endangered-iucn-red-list

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