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Lake Neatahwanta Teen Haven Project

Lake Neatahwanta Teen Haven Project

The Lake Neatahwanta Teen Haven Project is underway. Background and details can be found on https://www.crowdrise.com/fulton-teen-park.  You can also donate to our cause at that location.

We are still raising money for the climbing boulders, but will install the other equipment as soon as the site prep is completed. 


In 2017, Friends of Fulton Parks (FoFP) goal is to install a teen active space in Recreation Park, including climbing, strengthening, agility, and balance components, as well as accessible equipment for individuals with disabilities. The components are designed to accommodate the challenge and body size of ages 12-18. Our goal is $97,470, which will be matched x 4 as a matching grant from the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation. In 2016, $49,250 of our goal was donated, and the preliminary phase for construction was completed. By April 30, 2017, you reached 77% of the goal, leaving $22,006 to finish the project. If the entire amount is not raised, we will proceed with installation of components that we are able to purchase with existing donations. Donations are ongoing, and all will be used for this project.

Physical education coaches, instructors, and clubs are planning to use the park with their students. Once complete, this teen active space will “serve as a flagship park in the community” said Assemblyman William Barclay.

Fulton Parks have no equipment for unstructured free play to accommodate ages over 12. Polls of grades 7-12 reveal their desire for equipment suited to their age, “not the little kids stuff” but “physically challenging and fun.” Recreation Park is located adjacent to the junior and senior high schools on William Gillard Drive, near Bullhead Point and the War Memorial in Fulton.

The Recreation Park Restoration Project began in 2015 with Phase 1: removal of an obsolete swing set, which was replaced with a fitness area; and Phase 2: restoring the pavilion. These projects were funded through grants, and contributions from local businesses and residents, and high school alumni. Phase 3 will be this area designed for the teenagers in our community.

This project provides a unique and bold opportunity to bridge the gaps between generations. This is apparent in teen statements such as “I can’t believe people are listening to us,” and “Let me know when you need help building it.” We have an opportunity to show our youth that they can be part of a positive change. Join us!

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